Short Term Rental

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Mid Term Rental

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With our focus on small as well as large customers and our specialization in the purchasing, financing, management and maintenance of a large number of vehicles, we are able to achieve significant savings providing mid-term rental from 12 months long. These savings are reflected in our very competitive rates.


  • Fixed monthly rates
  • Immediate delivery
  • Replacement cars
  • Fuel Card Service
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  • 24 Hour emergency service
  • Accident Management

Fleet Management

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Hertz Lease Fleet Management is suitable for companies operating their own vehicle fleets. You can use our fleet management offer for all vehicles in your companyai??i??s fleet (both new and already operated). Hertz Lease offers a fully flexible solution in relation to taking over the full or partial fleet management, tailored to meet all requirements of the customer. This outsourcing solution allows for increased efficiency, proven by experience, in labour and productivity.

Hertz Fleet Management offers:

  • Hertz Lease’s strong purchasing power, vehicle maintenance management and servicing management
  • tyre servicing management
  • settlement of insurance claims
  • courtesy vehicle
  • fleet reporting and management
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  • fuel cards
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  • reports


  • The lessor fully transfers the advantage of wholesale customer discounts (purchasing, servicing, tyre servicing etc.) to the client
  • Comprehensive fleet management: from assistance in acquiring new vehicles, management of their operation and servicing, to assistance in selling used vehicles
  • Regular reporting on the condition of individual vehicles and operating costs, thus providing the client with the maximum overview of the efficiency of the whole vehicle fleet