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Frequently Asked Questions

Why leasing

It is an ideal option for companies seeking to rationalize the burden of running their vehicle fleet and in doing so, concentrate their resources on core business activities.

Explain the difference between Finance Lease and Contract Hire

A finance lease is an agreement between the client and the finance company whereby ownership of the vehicle would transfer to the client on the completion of the lease payments. The vehicle would be registered as an asset on the client’s balance sheet. Contract Hire is also known as an Operating Lease. It is an agreement between the client and the finance company to provide a vehicle on a long term rental agreement where ownership of the vehicle does not transfer to the client. The asset is not registered on the client’s balance sheet and the monthly rentals are charged to the profit and loss account.

Does the Hertz Lease Maintenance Agreement contain restrictions

Hertz Lease Poland operates a fully comprehensive maintenance agreement covering agreed services: routine servicing, mechanical repairs and tyre replacements required due to normal wear & tear. We might also provide 24 hour breakdown service, road fund license and replacement vehicle facility for the full term of the agreement.

Can I choose any make or model

Hertz Lease Poland offers the full range of passenger vehicles and light commercials  available to the market on contracts of 1 – 4 years duration.

Why Hertz Lease

Hertz Lease Poland takes full responsibility for every offered product. Our business approach has become more and more process driven. The attention to the detail distinguishes us in a market and we gain a reputation of honesty and integrity and are renowned for delivering on every promise.

Do you deliver and service vehicles countrywide

Vehicles might be deliver directly to the driver’s location by appointment. Vehicle maintenance is carried out by plenty of authorized providers at locations convenient to the driver.